"Esme Wilde.  The image of her haunts me.  Approach Esme with caution, she can become an addiction.

Esme is the ultimate GFE experience.  Stunning in appearance she’s tall (statuesque) and slender.  She has an athletic build that enhances very feminine curves. Beneath an elegant, refined presence smolders a sensuality that bewitches you and cannot be ignored.

Esme has a generous, open spirit that connects with you instantly.  She is intelligent, articulate, and curious with wide ranging interests.  You could happily spend your time engaged in pleasant and provocative conversation except that her erotic energy draws you relentlessly in a different direction.

Esme is attentive and perceptive.  She anticipates your needs and works to satisfy them before you understand what they are.

Addiction is a risk but with risk comes rewards that are more than you imagine.   Some risks are worth taking."

- Monroe65

Esme Wilde may have dropped from the sky. An anomaly of sorts. . Her ad, photos and website promise a companion a bit too good to be true. She was very professional, from the introductory emails, to the scheduling, to the moment I opened the door. Class and charm with a smile. Her long frame and perfect posture pulses confidence. She is dressed smartly and stylish in a manner that could be boardroom or dinner date. She invites herself into your personal spacewith a intentionality that exudes confidence”

- Goodtobeme

"Let me try to be direct here; Esme is gorgeous. I’m not good with famous people, but imagine if Anne Hathaway (pixie cut hair version) had more of an angel’s face and smile. Esme is just shy of 6 foot, with a dancer’s long toned legs and smallish bust. Her profile says “athletic” (she’s definitely an athlete) but Esme is, without question, slender with a woman’s waist and bottom, & for a tall lady, she’s light as a feather. 

Many of us (probably really most) look our best clothed. For Esme, her personal best is completely nude. Her long, lean frame, woman’s body and skin are perfect. Her skin is pale and free of tattoos; a blank canvass to admire. Esme has a few pictures in her profile and they are certainly accurate. However, up close, in person, the long lines and gentle curves are like an idealized beauty from some classical statue. To be direct again; Esme’s combination of slender height and delicious curves are extremely unusual to find in this forum and nothing short of remarkable."

- AllenJ

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