Life is experienced best through adventures and connections.

Hi, I'm Esme, and I am glad you have found your way to my site, www.WildeEsme.com! 

I hope your time here will be enjoyable and elucidate if what you may be looking for in your next adventure is some high quality time with me!

A Little About You:

You are respectful, communicative (communication has sooo many forms!), and passionate about some thing, idea, or question. You are satisfied, happy, and want something more.


A Little About Me:

I am also respectful, communicative and passionate - about many things ;) I take great joy in life, and am most often smiling with a laugh just behind my lips. 

I am 6'0" and mostly legs.

I currently study the psychology of learning & teach communication, and will enthusiastically discuss science, nature, philosophy, psychology & the inter-related aspects. I have a love for learning and am definitely a sapiophile!

I dance tango, swing and blues with partners, and other dances by myself. 

I am endlessly curious about people, what you want, and love to see you get it, so if we sound like a good match, check out my photo gallery, my get together options, or just contact me.

Fair winds & following seas, Esme


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